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29th-Aug-2016 09:02 am - FRIENDS ONLY! (don't ignore this)
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This journal is locked
So please comment to be added

Welcome to my journal...thank you for visit :)
My name is Rina I'm 20 years old...and my BIG LOVE and OBSESSION is Uruha.
(hehehe...that is one of important things you should  know about me)
I'm from Serbia so this jurnal will be most on English but sometimes on Serbian,too.
All my daily updates are 'friends only' locked.
Some of my work are unlocked [I don't have it to much for now].

So...that is all ...for rest...add me...and ask what you want :)

*Don't add me if you don't want to talk with me.So If I add you...Tallk to me.I don't bite ^^'
*Don't add me randomly...because that doesn't work in my case.
 *We must to have interest in common.[write in your coment reasones why you adding me ^^]
  When I read your coment and see that we have same interest I will add you ^^
*I like to talk with fangirls...so you girls are always welcome here. :DD

9th-Mar-2010 10:40 am - (Icon post)+UnsraW+
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Hello :)
I'm here after a short absent of one month.
Now I'm back with icons post of UnsraW.

Well,I want to say few things.
-Pictures I've used is mostly from member's blogs.
-This post is not complete.I still work on some icons. Tetsu's and Rai's icons are completed.
-I still work on Shou's and Jin's icons. (please wait for them,I'll post them soon as possible)
-I'm really really sorry  to all fans of ex.Unsraw bassist Jun,cause i didn't make icons of him...cause i can find enough pics. (If some of you still like my simple syled icons,please feel free to send me some Juns pics,and I will make icons. ^^)

Yuuki [16 icons;]:

Tetsu[6 icons]:

Rai [4 icons]:

Jin[ 12 icons]:

-PLEASE don't ask me for orignals,ok?

Sho[12 icons]:

Bonus icon :

*Comments are nice and always make me happy!
*Don't claim as yours.
*Please credit if you use.
new division
Hello ppl... :)
So...here is my work...
I present you icons of very very very cute drumer Yuu from Matenrou Opera :)
I've upload just 8 of them... so if anyone want more...please coment .
[I'm really sorry  because of messy post....but I couldn't put those icons behind lj cut...and I don't knoe why o.O]

Also posted@matenrou_opera

*Comments are nice and always make me happy!
*Don't claim as yours.
*Please credit if you use.

21st-Oct-2009 10:11 am - Uru & My first work with Adobe CS4
new division
Before this picture...I was do a lot of other pictures....but with other programs [easier programs] like Windows Digital Image Editor 2006 and ACDSee 8 Photo Menager .

And when I was install AdobeCS4....that was been supprise for me....because I didn't understand ANYTHING....

Damn ...It's so complicated...
But since I like to learn about photography and all those things about editing and photoshop things...I was do one picture of Uruha... hehehehehe [only he was give me inspiration to do something with this hard software >.<]

So here is my famous work [I know...little picture...but I can uplod it in biger size if someone been interested to have it ^^']

So I will wait to hear your oppinion about this picture.... [maybe I do other members,too :))) ]

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